Sunday, August 27, 2006

Formula 1 update: Sore loser

I'm beginning to think that Jacques Villeneuves scathing attack on Michael Shumacher may not have been strong enough. I've just finished watching some of the most exciting racing in years at the Turkish grand prix. Over taking galore! This is how it should be and indeed they designed this new circuit so that drivers could do so without compromising the principles of aero grip and safety. Probably.

The race was won by Felippe Massa. It's a good thing I'm not a betting man (I refer you to my previous article about gambling). I predicted something entirely different. ~These were unusual circumstances of course. I wasn't to know that there would be a small pile up at the first corner. I didn't realise that a safety car would come out a little later and that Ferrari decided to bring in both cars for a pit stop effectively queueing Schumacher in second place. I didn't know that later when Alonso pitted that he would come out and stay out in front of Schumacher. I wasn't to know that Jenson Buttons Honda couldn't overtake Shumachers heavier Ferrari in the first couple of laps of him coming out the pits. Those are my excuses and I'll stand by them.

Ok. So the trophy presentation went okay. Massa seemed to look a little apologetic. Why man? You won the race fair and square even if it is written in your contract never to beat Shumacher. Barichello should have had the balls to do that during his time at Ferrari. I seem to remember making a pathetic protest a few races before he moved to Honda. Yes. Yes. They say its for the team. But if its the team that counts as much as the driver then the drivers should be able to battle it out amongst themselves for the honour of the title just as long as they don't take each other out. The sporting ethics of McLaren. Yes I did criticise them in an earlier article. There is nothing better than two team mates competing for position and points.

The TV conference was bittersweet. It was great to see Massa looking so happy just as Jenson did at the last grand prix to win his first ever and I might add sooner than our man Jense. The only downer at the conference was Michael himself. What a twat. Could he be anymore transparent. Clearly this man has done this before. Publicly congratulating his team mate is fine if he wasn't saying it through gritted teeth. Schumachers grand plan was ruined when Massa romped ahead early on in the race leaving Michael and Ferrari taking short sharp breaths as they couldn't believe that this man (Massa) was not going to be yet another stooge.

Having said all of that, it'll be business as usual for team Schumacher next time around. Afterall he is probably worth more than Ferrari or Fiat put together. Tosser.

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