Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday Morning

Its Monday morning and I feeeeeeeel grrrrreaaaattt!!

I'm on annual leave for three weeks and I couldn't care less what I do from now on. The world is my oyster. On second thought, its probably the caffine in my morning cuppa doing the trick. What to do ? what to do ? Books. Yes. I've bought several over the last few years with all intention to read them but alas the temptation that is....erm....other things have led me astray. There is the Tom Holland one about the Persian Empire which I hoped would boost my intellectual conversation ability or James Lovelocks, the Revenge of Gaia. Typically as I am the occasional The Independant reader; I sucumb to the eco warrior bias. Alas last but not least, the book I wish I had not bought; you my mind has gone blank, its that bad. Oh yes, the Da Vinci Code. I bought the thing, it feels like years ago, and read four chapters in about a year. I couldn't really be bothered after a while (I'm not too good with fiction these days) and resigned myself to the movie. Time to do them justice (bar one).

Finish watching season four of 24.

Decorating, maybe.

Seeing old friends, for sure.

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