Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Little French Canadian Driver

Poor Jacques Villeneuve. There was a time when I admired his laid back, a certain je ne sais quoi style of racing and off track persona. Now the poor chap resorts to finish off his career with a few choice words about who other than Mikey Schumacher.

'Hes a liar. A cheat'. 'He's not a human being'.'He'll never be remembered'. Are some of the things he has said about him in a recent interview allegedly. Now I'm not a fan of Schumacher by any means and I totally agree with what is being said about the man but surely isn't that something for the fans of formula one to talk about in a bar? Not someone who once won the world championship admist the best efforts a cheating Schumacher could throw at him to run him off the road? Be proud of what you have acheived Mr Villeneuve. Not many people can claim to have done what you have. Look at David Coulthard. He's been in the game for longer than you and hasn't ever won a championship. Does he ever publicy slag off the competition? Not that its ever made it to my ears.
I have a lot of time for Jacques and I do hope that if he decides to switch to NASCAR or something more European that he will do very well. Just stop whinging about something we fans can do better than you. Remain the consumate professional and you will be remembered for something more than just a moaning ex-F1 driver who doesn't know how to bow out graciously.

By the way, Michael Schumacher is a liar and a cheat; allegedly.

Article here from BBC sport of Jacques little rant.

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