Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Going Down....Under

Great things these 3G phones. You can listen to music streaming from the network, watch videos, play games and read the news. It was doing the latter than I came across an article that will surely get some blokes reaching for there wallets.

An australian brothel is offering discounted petrol everytime they use their ehm, services. Its twenty cents off per litre. How does that work? Hey I don't have a car so I don't care. So for all you tight fisted blokes out there...........this is one boast about money saving idea I'm sure you won't be telling your wife!

Speaking of brothels, as I searched for a suitable picture to go with this bit of writing, I came across the wikipedia entry for the word brothel. Here are some of the more amusing terms for this place of dubious business practices....

bagnio, bawdy, house, (also used as a legal term) bordel (from the French), bovril, cathouse, chicken house - Cantonese literal translation common-house*, creep, crib, drum, flash-house, flesh-shambles, gaff, harlot-house, hook shop, hot house*, house of ill/evil repute/fame, house of accommodation, house of assignation, house of joy, house of horizontal refreshment, joy-house, juke, kip, knocking-shop, leaping house, love shack, nunnery*, public house, rap club, rib-joint, slaughter-house, smuggling-ken, sporting-house, stew, trugging house/place, vaulting house

Bovril???? Isn't that a tasty beefy drink?

Drum? I can just imagine granpa as he walks out of the house his wife says, "now where are going out at this time of the night?" to which the reply, "going out for some drum." Odd.

Nunnery??? More like blasphemy!!

Public House??? Even worse! I used to go to the Pub after work!!!! Sometimes at lunchtime!

Smuggling-Ken. I only know of one Ken and he's a mean Scottish bloke and you wouldn't want to be doing any funny business with him.

Kip? Slang for sleeping surely?

House of accommodation? My mate Dave goes to one every night as he lives too far away to do the commute. Oh Dave. What have you been up to. And to think I really thought when you said "I'm going back to my accommodation" you really mean't the other type of accommodation!

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