Friday, August 25, 2006

Fit and fat.

I felt inspired to write about this whole fat issue. More obese people by 2010? See the issue people! Maybe we don't want skinny anymore! Maybe well rounded people are the next big thing!

Look at Michelle McManus (the winner of pop idol). She won a TV contest. Where is she now? This nation is fastist. If by 2010 there are going to be an awful lot more fat people than thin, then they, the skinny people, are going to be marginalised. FHM and Maxim will take on a new dimension (or go out of business) with the kind of scantily clad women they have in their mags. Michelle McManus by then will be the Lulu of our generation.

In all seriousness, it is a worrying projection as it is only four years away. Bring BSE and bird flu and infect all the cows, sheep and chickens and all of us will go vegetarian. Problem solved. A Mc Lettuce anyone?

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