Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cool tunes

Kasabian. Empire. Cool track.

I am not really known for my varied taste in music as I would like to think that I prefer some of the more emotive and frankly unique kinds of music currently on the scene. I'm sure I've mentioned Goldfrapp which is the ultimate in music. I saw them in concert at the Brixton Academy a while ago. I recommend them to everyone. Do not miss the experience of listening to Alison Goldfrapp and her enchanting, sexy, erotic, and frankly fucking fantastic music. Another is Talvin Singh. His album 'OK' although firmly fixed in the 90's era of tunes is yet another example of individualistic artistry that is so lacking in this age (apart from Goldfrapp who is THE music of this decade). I'll stop gushing now. One more thing. She also happens to be a really fit babe.

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