Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cruel Soldiers in Iraq

Three things have happened to me. First, while trying to find a suitable steak picture for the previous article, I googled for steak. One of the results that came up was a site called I have a wonderful stilton sauce that I love with my steak and so went to it. It has nothing to do with steak and cheese at all. Secondly, as I looked on with a little curiosity, I saw an advert for internet dating and a particular lady up for a date in my location. I am an IT professional so I know how it works but in the hangover haze that I have at the moment, it freaked me out a little, even making me a little paranoid. The third thing that got me was clicking on a link on the website mentioned again out of curiosity and came across a UTUBE clip

Iraqi Children Running for Water

If you can put aside the cruel soldiers and wait for the enevitable ending....its sad and sorry at the same time........

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