Friday, November 24, 2006

Global Warming

When I was younger. In fact back in 1986 I seemed to remember asking myself why there was less and less snow fall every year. Iwas twelve back then. I knew something was afoot back then.

To the present day and now I ask myself another question. I woke up this morning and as usual checked the weather forecast but not to see weather it was raining or not. But how warm it would be. I know a silly thing to say, perhaps. We are at the tail end of November and enjoying extremely mild weather for this time of the year. Its about fourteen degrees celsius in London at the moment and I suspect maybe a degree higher. December is likely to mainly fall to around about seven to nine degrees and not much less. Whats more is that where traditionally one would say that winter usuallt set in around about late October, it now really kicks off at about late January. Some of the coldest temperatures we normally experience is around about at that time and persists until mid-March. Are we now seeing a seasonal shift where in a few hundred years time our summers are more likely to fall in October/November? It seems that way. I heard of a rather scary thought the other day about the magnetic poles swapping over in a short space in time. Is the seasonal change a sign of the poles about to change. It all happens relatively quickly over a period of a couple of hundred years. This could effect everything from timing devices, navigational systems, electronics, and more importantly, we'd turn into Australians!! Does that mean that we would inherit the all the Ashes wins too?

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