Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Oh the Pain of It

Yet another night of much merriment. The usual crowd, the usual pint, the usual cigarette. What a life. Something tells me things are getting monotonous. It is always a pleasure to see them all. Romeo Tony in one corner with the wonderful Greek Godess together with the Lunatic from Leeds. Foxy and Pickle being their usual girly selves. Dodgy Dave looking as cool as ever with a phone that mysteriously rings when it actually doesn't (but a good excuse to leave), Lord Fleck doing his Dave Allen impression. He actually doesn't know it but he has an uncanny way that resembles the comedian and all the other fine people of my local drinking establishment.

As ever I spoke to my "How to Date a Woman" guru, Romeo Tony, last night about this long standing predicament that I have about a rather fit woman at the train station. It seems as though I have this inability to chat up a laydee first thing in the morning. Probably as a result of the previous nights hell raising. As ever the reliable font of knowledge in such matters, Romeo Tony indulged in parting with some of his tricks of the trade. The trouble is, I can't remember half of it. Damn. Note to ones self. Ask Tony about matters of women whilst able to stand properly.

One more thing. Last night as I sat with Pickle and Foxy, I noticed a rather fidgety, attractive woman sitting next to me. So I asked Pickle if she knew who she was (spotting my chance for some chatting up sparring). To which Pickle dared me to use the line the Joey uses from Friends "How you doin?". To which I did. So some conversation ensues and I realise that she doesn't live too far away from me. Whilst the conversation is evolving quite nicely I slip in the fact that her local drinking establishment is also my Dad's and I suggest meeting up for a drink sometime (but inadvertently invite her flat mate, unfortunately a bloke). So does getting her email address constitute a pull?

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