Thursday, November 30, 2006

Crazy Steak Eating American

I am by no way seriously anti-american, its just that some of the things they say and do are just a little odd. As I did more research on "beer", I came across a fellow blogger and just by chance came across one of his articles about a ten pound (weight) steak.

Ten POUNDS!! of cow flesh sitting in your gut. Can you imagine it! Most baby's born don't weight that much. Now I know where that phrase comes from:

"I love babies. But I can't eat a whole one!".

I don't think I've ever eaten ten pounds of anything. Although I might give it a go. Being a wimp of a Brit I will forego the steak. Suitable foods that I could stomach ten pounds of.....

  • Spaghetti or any kind of pasta

  • eggs (not raw of course)

  • soup (although that would give me the sh*ts for days

  • cheese

  • pringles

  • crisps

  • beef jerky (not you Barry's Beef, although your left arm with a bit of salt and pepper...)

  • prawns

  • berries

I have found the answer, it would have to have a reasonably high water content to that I can urinate most of it while eating. Not at the same time of course as I would have to leave the table occassionally to visit the toilet. Berries it is. Perhaps I could do it for a good cause. A charity of some sort. If there is anyone interested in me doing this feat then drop me a line. If there is enough interest then I'll consider doing it.

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John Q. Public esq. said...

Nice of you to link, dont worry about being anti-yank etc..

it wasnt in America, it was in Texas.

and I dont think I will ever try something like that again...