Monday, November 20, 2006

Top Gear vs Fifth Gear

My passion is motorsport. Admittedly an armchair fan. Formula 1, TOCA, GTR, basically any kind of motorsport with four wheels is a suitable alternative to porn.

Top Gear being my favorite show of all time in this context I am some what missing it. And for out respect to Richard Hammond who had that appalling accident almost a couple of months ago, I can wait. Its good to hear that he is on the road to recovery. It takes a lot of bottle to have done what he did and lets hope he is under no pressure to come back to TV anytime soon. Get well Hamster. So to the alternative. Fifth Gear. To be honest not a patch on Top Gear. The quality of the programming is sub standard. Perhaps its because they review standard everyday cars. The kind of things that you see everyday. Top Gear on the other hand gives the audience exposure to the sort of exotic material that many can only dream of. Not only that but a chance to see how these sports cars fare on the Top Gear test track against other equally exotic cars. The presenters are second to none. The banter, the arguments and the blokey atmosphere that makes for your typical blokey conversation one would have in a pub....but without being sexist. Cars are for blokes and birds. I mean men and women and just because the presenters are all men, I don't think that women feel excluded from the entertainment offered. You only have to look at the audience to realise that despite some of the women are only there for there man, many of them do have a genuine interest in cars. With Fifth Gear, I can only think that they try too hard to appeal to both genders. To summarise, Fifth Gear is nothing but a poor imitation. Bring back Top Gear!!!! (only when the Hamster is well enough though).

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