Sunday, November 26, 2006

Time Travelling Movies

Just as I finished my last post I realised that the majority of time travelling films have mostly been mediocre. The original time travelling movie, "The Time Machine" which won awards for its special effects, turned out to be an okay film but cut the ending short. For anyone who has read the book, you'll know what I mean. The blonde haired, blue eyed portrayal of people from the future had me in stitches. The only way that might have happened would have been if Hitler had won the war. Not only that but for those of the fairer complexion set in the film turn out to be mindless zombies anyway. Bad luck Hitler. Probably wouldn't have worked anyway eh through all that in-breeding. And another thing, with all those blonde jokes out there, how on earth would that represent the future of man kind?

The re-make of The Time Machine faired slightly better but for its reliance on Neighbours star Guy Pearce (for the acting) and perky Irish singer Samantha Mumba (for the eye candy) and a whole load of effects. I think that some one like Peter Jackson would have made a better attempt at it. Having said that; unlike the original movie, this one at least portrayed future human beings as being of a more coffee coloured complexion, which as scientific study suggests is what are future generations are more likely to look like. No more expensive fake tans or streaky suntan creams.....And people won't take offence to the phrase that "you look like one great big freckle". Boy did Hitler get it wrong.

The Terminator and the sequels. The first, brilliant, the second even better, the third frankly was a little bit pants. The charm with the first two was the concept of the first and the explanation of the first in the second. It didn't really need much more than that.

Austin Powers. Is it a time travel film or more of a comedy. More of a comedy I think so excluded from this article.

Back to the Future. The more I think about my original statement about a lack of decent Time Travelling films the more I think otherwise. For once all three films have equalled each other for comedy value and the science fiction bit. Lets hope they don't do a remake.

Planet of the Apes. The original or the newer one. It depends what generation you come from. Personally, I was a fan of neither. The very idea of apes being the dominant species and man not. Unbelievable. Even if it is on a different planet. Bullsh*t concept but carried off well, for some. Average.

A Sound of Thunder. Totally sh*t film. Time travelling tourist rubbish with the usual "what if you did something in the past to influence the future", but with dinosaurs. Its sounds good on paper but the end result is utter rubbish.

The Philadelphia Experiment. This was a cracking film for the reasons that the factual stuff behind the film was so very much more interesting. Government cover ups of an experiment to make a ship physically disappear/become invisible that went horribly wrong.

Star Trek: The Voyage Home. I'm a star trek fan to a point. Not a trekkie but someone who enjoys a good Star trek movie.This film however this not that good. I saw this film as a kid and greatly liked the idea behind the future holding the ability to travel into the past and making it look tangible. Remember I was a kid and I thought they will invent warp drives and teleporters sometime soon. The idea of the movie was to travel to 1980 something USA (why always USA?) and grab a whale and bring it back to the future present to save planet earth. I watched this film about three days ago and noted the exact point at which they decide to travel back in time in a space ship supposedly inferior to the Enterprise. Kirk, McCoy and Spock realising the gravity of the situation (the Earth is being attacked by a strange probe) and realising that the solution to the problem lies back in the twentieth century. Spock and Kirk agree to time travel. How they acheive this is a complete mystery. A little explanation would have been nice but nope. Rubbish.

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