Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Romeo Tony's not the only one.

So you understand something about Romeo Tony. A gentleman and an interesting geezer,, and a smooth charmer. Assuming the phrase that there is always an opposite to a thing there is another that I should mention that is inverse to the chap mentioned above.

I am in a state of confusion as to what I shall call this character. He too is a top bloke but clearly of a totally different discipline to Romeo Tony. I have to be careful what I call him as this chap is the biggest f**king geezer I know. A little taller than me, perhaps six foot three. And almost as wide. A mountain of a man. I will say that he is a walking definition of bling and just in case you didn't understand before, a top bloke. But a horny as hell f**ker. And my old boss. At work, an out and out professional but the moment, and I do mean moment (milliseconds, picoseconds. You understand what I mean.) he steps out of the office then the only topic of conversation that is ever uttered from his mouth is about shagging. Shagging, shagging and more shagging. Morning, noon and night. Doesn't he ever get bored of it all? No idea. The most comical thing about the expression on his face is that it is a look of a predator combined with the finesse of Leslie Phillips (of Carry on Doctor fame), oh and a little bit of Barry White. As I said in my previous blog, watching a bloke chatting up a woman has so much comedy value for his mate. I wonder if I look like that. Or could it be that I very, very rarely attempt such a thing in the line of sight of mates. I shall call him Barry Phillips.

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