Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The mysteries of attracting women.

The sudden irony of how much of pain in the arse advertisments by email about guides on how to attract women suddenly have a use in the world. I for one shudder at the though of reading advice from such sources. Probably because the source is American and you'd have to put on a mock accent to really make it apply to you. Not forgetting the hammy kind of enthusiasm you'd get from an american commerical (think of the Cillit Bang advert and you get my drift) and a recipe for total failure. Ah but have you tried it? you may ask. No. Have I read the literature, of course I have. Some of it before hurting myself for laughing so hard.

No I have a friend I shall call Romeo Tony. For obvious reasons I shall explain. Romeo Tony is one of those blokes who quite obviously knows the tricks of the trade when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. He is tall, dark in an italian kind of way and dashingly handsome. In fact I was witness once to Romeo Tony turning on the charm to such a level that I thought he was reciting something from one of those books. For a bloke to listen to another bloke chatting up a woman is the most hilarious thing ever. Especially if you know them rather well. So should I say know of their notoriety. But it worked. The lady in question on que flicked her hair, turned her body towards him and fluttered her eyes. Bingo. Oh and this all happened in the space of an evening and I dare say, a cheap one. For him.

So Romeo Tony's advice to me for the stag weekend amounted to something I cannot say as it stays in the brotherhood I'm afraid. Let me just say that it involves commitment and sacrifice. One of which not normally associated with Romeo Tony :-). He know what I'm talking about and the sacrifice helped me with the result I was looking for.

Thanks Romeo Tony.

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