Sunday, November 26, 2006

Films to see soon...

On my hit list of movies to watch over the seasonal period are and what I think its all about:

Apocolypto : Written and directed by the little man from Oz who was a little upset about Jewish people not so long ago. Its about an ancient civilisation of south america and its downfall prior to the Spanish killing them by the thousands and spreading european disease unknown in that land

Pan's Labyrinth: Strange and mythical creatures and a young girl in war time Spain. The trailer looks cool so that is why I am going to see it.

The Fountain: A curious one starring ex-X men dude Hugh Jackman and Yummy mummy from the Mummy, Rachael Weisz. Time travelling extraveganza involving much fighting, depth, romance and a tree. Again the trailer is just about convincing enough to make it worthwhile watching.

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