Sunday, November 05, 2006

Guy Fawkes and Bonfires

I won't bother with the history of the attempted blowing up of parliament all those hundreds of years ago. But its this time of year again, the 5th of November and yet another couple of days of smoky nights, bright lights and pops and bangs and whistles. I loved going to see the shows and even setting off a few in my parents backyard. My poor cats racing for cover under the bed. My morbid question of the day is, how many people will have been shot at tonight? Scary. The other thing that got me thinking was how in the media (again) they have raised the question of whether we should be celebrating guy fawkes night. Why on earth raise such a debate? For children it is a time for fun and enjoyment and for adults much the same. I sat here last night at one point wondering when it would end as the endless popping and banging was getting on my nerves. A sign of getting older? Then I changed my mind today. It is one of the few days in the year that the skies are lit with some of the most beautiful and spectular shows. The question may have been raise because not so long ago Hindus celebrated Diwali, The Festival of Light. A glorious celebration. It is the sound and vision representing many people having fun. So why make that sound like a bad thing?

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