Saturday, November 11, 2006

Things are looking up

A couple of weeks ago I went on an awesome stag do. I caught up with my mate who's stag do it was last night together with my mate who happens to be his fiance. It was especially a good night as I didn't have a great deal to drink either. Being sensible has its benefits. I had good reason to leave early as a few days ago I was contacted by a wonderful woman that I'd met on the stag night. It sounds a little corny but it was at a club in Brighton. I applied Romeo Tony's sacrifice technique and it worked. Actually is wasn't an application of technique more like a situation I took advantage of. One of my friends who was well into the land of boozdom had been chatting to a couple of women (her friends) and I noticed her standing there alone. A real pretty picture of a woman. I couldn't just stand there wondering if there might be a chance to strike up a conversation, so armed with several beers worth of courage I approached. To summarise, after two hours of talking and an exchange of numbers I hoped to meet her again. Lets put it this way, a date is set for dinner in a couple of weeks time. Wish me luck.....

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