Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ray Winstone

There are some fine things that come out of good old Blighty. Stilton Cheese, roast beef, and Ray Winstone. Stereo typed as the loveable brit gangster. To be honest,for which I don't blame him for being a little tired as always being typecasted into such roles. He has a wonderful natural ability that no other brit actor can consistently do successfully. He tried his hand at one of King Arthurs men, a role as King Henry the Eighth but his latest endevour as an irish american in "The Departed" is clearly a misguided departure from everything he has done so far. The man just can't do accents. I mean we had all put up with Sean Connery with his dodgy russian accent in "The Hunt for Red October" by virtue of having such longevity and success in films. Ray Winstone, clearly the national hero in Britain doesn't quite yet have the international recognition that deserves such forgiveness. I have to conceed that this is one attempt at an accent that would have been worthy of a dub or just simply left alone. Alright son?

Speaking of other cool brit actors, I think we need to see more of Sean Pertwee. Another cool actor with loads of potential. One film that springs to mind which I enjoy watching is "Love, Honour and Obey" in which both great actors star in. And for me personally I love the tongue in cheek story line of an old London rivalry between North London and South London gangs. Lots of fun. Superb!

You know that question, "Which famous celebrity would you most like to go out on the town with?". Ray Winstone would probably be the kind of bloke I'd like to be on a pub crawl with. Top Geezer!!

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