Monday, June 11, 2007

The Winning Formula

Why didn't I think of running the National Lottery? Camelot are making an absolute fortune; under the guise of giving loadsa money to charity. Sorry, just being a little cynical.

I checked my usual collection of national lottery tickets. I lost the will to check every lottery draw and decided to go for the once a month routine. Okay, when I can be bothered. I don't expect to win. No I am not using an old psychological trick to make the actual win even sweeter. Nor do I adopt a defeatist attitude to it. If I did then I wouldn't bother buying the ticket. Nope. A realist's, no, a semi-committed optimist's attitude to checking my tickets.

In the crazy world that we live in I cannot deny the possibility of a percentage of the population who would religiously buy up forty tickets on a Saturday morning. Buy food and drink and invite friends round for the evening Lottery Draw. Canopes and champagne laid out ready to celebrate that win that never comes. The thing is that most likely and in the style of a goldfish with a seven second/day memory, the whole process will happen again. Cynical? Me? I think there is at least one family/person in this country that must do this. Who in their right mind would spend that much money where the odds are reduced by a miniscule amount by buying that many tickets. In the grand scheme of things, buying one ticket or forty hardly makes a difference. Besides winning with the one is far more impressive. Do I religiously buy a ticket? Nope. Not since I got stuffed on a four number win. It was the first ever national lottery in the UK. I got four numbers. I thought I was on to a small fortune. Well to a student, anything about a £100 would be great. After spending about ten minutes on a premium number to find out how much I won, I was told that a large number of people got four numbers and I won a grand sum of fifteen quid. Lovely.

Don't I sound like a whinging old bastard? Probably.

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