Saturday, June 09, 2007

Driving Attitude

More interesting idea's from the government. This time to combat presumably road rage or just poor driving attitude, they are considering psychometric tests. What a blindingly good idea! Just what we need. I'm sorry but that is just a load of rubbish. As a seventeen year old, would his/her mental attitude be indicitive of their driving attitude in another ten or twenty years time? Of course not. I for one had a very different attitude towards driving back when I first started out to the one that I have now. As a youngster, I always enjoyed driving rather quickly. Owning a quick BMW didn't really help matters I guess. I was however always very aware of pedestrians. I would never want to have blood on my hands due to careless driving on my part so I only ever drove speedily in areas where there was no chance of a pedestrain crossing the road or on very sparsley populated areas of the motorway. Nowadays I have a completely different attitude. I just wanna drive like Jenson Button everywhere. Just kidding. By virtue of living in a highly congested city, there is absolutely no point hammering it down the road. You just can't. A pleasant drive through the country would be just that. Pleasant and unhurried. Attitudes change as people get older and priorities change. I had a friend who in his youth was involved in plenty of accidents and yet considered himself a good driver. By the time he was twenty eight, he was driving a BMW M635CSi. 286BHP in a two tonne car. Not the best combination one would think. Fatherhood had changed him as did maturity. Would a psychometric test determine what kind of car if any that one would be allowed to drive? I hope not. It doesn't necessarily solve drink or drug driving either.

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