Saturday, June 23, 2007

Face Book group

Yo! Yo! Check it out.

Face Book group called "The Greyhound - Streatham"

I bumped into this group accidentally whilst laughing at the crap alternative entrance Opening of Streatham Common courtesy of a friend of mine who announced she group the group.

Urban patois I didn't think could ever be put into a written form unlike Patois but then this is what I discovered in the group mention earlier.

"lol fair play keep doin wot ur doin famzi itz good to rep yer yer the place woz gd init i told peeps in the endz about it stil but lol just havent reached the extent u hav lol. Keep it up!! "

Erm.....I'll have an ice cream with that. Actually I do understand what it means. Sort of.

Oh. Incidentally, the person replying to the above message strangely wrote in regular English. Truly a multi-linguist.

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