Thursday, June 14, 2007

Internet dating part deux

This deserves a separate mention to the previous article. As I mentioned before odd nicknames rather freak me out. I see it as a sign of things to come. Another extremely irritating thing about internet dating are those people, and I clearly can only speak as a bloke looking for a lady, who desccribe themselves in one way but stick a picture up of some model from Vogue magazine. Or worse, a recognisable model/actress. I mean how stupid do you think we are? Really. And lets pretend that if one were to entertain going a date with "sexygal1981" knowing that she is the spitting image of Claudia Schiffer that I'm clearly not to be disappointed. After all she really does look like that. Only for her to turn up looking like a ugly greasy moose. And noticing my shock/horror to then quote lines from her militant feminists hand book that she happens to be carrying. Or did I miss the small print on the website that says that the picture must be of a likeness of ones self indicating that the poor girl is deluded.

Not to pick on the fairer sex on this one. I'd piss myself laughing if blokes were to do the same sort of thing. I think what's more likely to happen is that they'd put a real picture of themselves on the site but not before they've asked their mate who works as a designer at a mens lifestyle magazine to airbrush and "correct" certain lumps and bumps (man boobs and beer gut). Or a picture of themselves in their prime prior to embracing the batchelor lifestyle of booze, fags, drugs and loose women. Oh and Xbox. Infact blokes are more likely, if they could get away with it to put up either a picture of a representative cartoon character (Homer Simpson I envisage would be hugely popular) or their gentials. Or just something funny but childish. Probably. As you can tell I would be a model candidate and put a real picture of me up. Now where's that picture of Harrison Ford..

Either way I don't think its fair on ones self or others to wear such a veil of deceit (note to creators of Blogger, please can you incorporate a spell checker. Thanks). It only makes a waste of time on the date, or even the first step of meeting some one online (if you're that thick that you really believe that she looks like Scarlett Johansson then good luck mate).

Do people really have such a lack of confidence as to not show a true picture of themselves. I know people's confidence takes a huge knock after coming out of a relationship or never having one in the first place. Yes it takes time to get back to the real you or to find the real, I'm comfortable with myself you. Once you're there, get yourself down to a photo studio and get some glam shots done of yourself to stick on the website. And when I mean glam shots, I don't mean those kind of shots. Save that for the person you hook up with.

F*ck me I sound like bloody Trisha or Jeremy Kyle (for those in the US and other countries, its the Brit version of Jerry Springer, and other talkshow hosts).

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