Thursday, June 21, 2007

Things Not to Do

Before I start, some of things that are about to be mentioned are contribution from friends that really shouldn't have done and were warned about. Clearly there are things I shouldn't have either.

  • Never buy cheap blue things that you put in your cistern tank knowing that they only last for three flushes.
  • Never allow a cat litter tray to get over populated with cat turd as the bath makes just nice a tray.
  • Never promise to stop smoking and inform everyone that you have to then to have ones resolve broken after a couple of pints.
  • Facebook people after a marathon drinking session.
  • Never buy a kebab after a marathon drinkning session ..........with onions on it.
  • Never attempt to date three ladies in one night in quick sucession.
  • Never stagger into a pub with date number three when date number two is just around the corner.
  • Never ignore person you met the night before in a drunken stupor even though they are trying to make eye contact with you.
  • Never improve on a Carribean curried goat recipe when the person who gave you the recipe knows better.

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