Saturday, June 16, 2007

Serious Moment

There's a thought that has bothered me for a while. People have opinions. Some quite strong. Which is very admirable at times. People have beliefs that will not be swayed either. What happens when people realise that although those beliefs or opinions are a little unfair or unjust. I'm not talking about something highly immoral or bigotted or racist. I'm talking about an opinion of another person who happens to be in a situation that is a part of their life where they feel that it is just wrong. What are you talking about twodarts? I spoke to a friend last night about this internet dating thing. They've tried it before and I was suprised about what they had to say about it when I asked what in particular they were looking for. When they said they weren't into single mothers it didn't actually dawn on me the weight of that statement until this mornings usual cruise up internet dating alley. I must confess that as I picked some random contenders, the ocassional single mother popped up. Those words from last night echoed back to me. I actually started to question myself about what I thought about it. It never bothered me before. But the rationale for my friends thinking was one of being a part of that person's life but knowing that there would always be the presence of her ex partner and the child of another man in most cases. He found that very unappealling. As I looked up more ladies I came across a few more. What would it be like to vye for the attention of the lady of your life when she clearly has the attention of a child. Isn't that a rather selfish attitude to have? Is it? Yes and no I concluded. That child isn't one day going to go away. Its a part of her life and makes her who she is. Does she sound nice, compatible, a lifer? Why should a decison be based on her child I thought? It is an internet dating site and that lady is on their to meet other people. Its something for themselves. Yet I couldn't help but take an objective view of this. Some single childless people will no doubt feel a little uncomfortable about this particular situation. Some else's child. Could it be that they'd always imagined starting a family from scratch and the idea of having a ready made one feels like he/she has skipped a few steps. Especially the fun part :-)

The more I thought about this the more I began to realise how awkward and uncomfortable addressing this subject became. Is it right to feel like that?

The simple answer if this is the answer is that those people including myself are individuals with a right to be prejudice when it comes to selecting a partner. There is no good or bad, morally right or wrong in this. Just something that an individual feels comfortable with. My choice? I'm not saying.....

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