Friday, June 22, 2007

Looking for a......

"Hi my name is liz9834 and I'm looking for a real man." - Discuss.

One of the worlds most ridiculous things to say on a dating site. Clearly this person saw the error of her ways and never realised that all the card board cutout geezers, and the inflatable man from the tyre shop were just not going to provide her with the support and love she needed. Finally, a friend stepped in and suggested that she should find a real man instead.

Hell, that's my interpretation to the statement.

"Mustn't have a face like a number 92 bus." - I've never seen a number 92 bus. I shalll find a picture of one....just in case. Are the men in this world going to hold up a picture of a Number 92 bus in front of a mirror and then finally decide whether or not its fine to reply to this lady?

As I'm getting a little tired of the tedium of dating sites, as a parting shot one day I shall change my profile to an alter ego and request the following just to see how many replies I get.

"Hi may name is evil2darts7654. And I'm looking for a woman with fake boobs, streaky fake tan. I find those tide marks around the neck line especially attractive. Must have had botox in the following areas, bottom, lips, forehead and chin. Anymore is a bonus. Should have an interest in spend loads of my money. Preferrably on the first date."

Me grumpy? No.

Where's that beginners guide to celibacy?

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