Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Super Tramp

Have you ever had a moment where you just have to laugh even though the circumstances really do not permit it? In an evil sort of way, its is just overwhelmingly funny. I see life through comedy glasses. Most things I see or hear have a habit of having a funny side to it. So it gives me great pleasure to describe something that set my tempo for the day.

Victoria railway station and bus terminal has a number of visitors and a number of residents. Of particular interest are the street dwelling kind. I'm not talking about your common garden, run away from home heroin addicted teenager. Nope. I am talking about your seasoned, all smelling, nicely grubby, tobacco stained, piss and poo matted, Diamond White addicted tramp. There are two in particular that I have the pleasure of seeing on occassion boarding the 507 bus. These buses are the bendy ones that don't require an obligatory swipe of the Oyster (travelcard thing) card. So its a free ride from Victoria Mansion to the Costa del Waterloo. There is something amazingly content in their men's eyes when they talk to each other. They've heaaled themselve of the burden and all the worries of a modern life the rest of us lead, many, many years ago.

I happened to be on this bus this morning with a friend of mine. On this particular occassion one half of this comedy act was without the other. Whilst she was deep in conversation with me and standing side on to the smelly old fart (he's probably only 30 but looks twice the age), without pause, shame, or hesitation , he coughed. Range oh, erm about roughly a foot away. Near enough for stray spittle and lung to potentially meet my poor friend's cheek. You're probably thinking there is nothing funny at all about this and that its quite disgusting. Sure. Of course. But done with such style and without the slightest bit of embarrassment. Superrb. A man who truly cannot give a flying f*ck. The evil part? I couldn't hide my amusment. I couldn't stop laughing out aloud for quite sometime until the inevitable sharp nudge. Hahahahahahaahahahahahaaaaa!

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