Thursday, June 14, 2007

Internet dating..

Have I made a mention of this before? Possibly. After tearing myself away from a certain social utility network; I'm trying not to say its name. The therapist suggested I don't. I thought I'd cruise an internet dating site (Man that's sounds so slutty) for fun. I've peeked at it now and again with absolutely no commitment to it at all for the past few months. Its always interesting to see what kind of people are out there. My hat off to all of those people who have the balls to go for it. As I was browsing the many ladies who''ve put themselves on offer (why am I cringing whilst writing this?) I noticed a few people who had chosen (I know because it sounds like I'm visiting a knocking shop; I'm really, really not thinking that though. It just sounds a little sordid.) some rather odd, stupid or unattractive nicknames.

Here are some actual real life examples that I came across..along with my usual running comentary.

Lil Bitch - ......and proud of being one?
CrazyChick78 - Probably quite the opposite and boring as hell.
Loveshy01 - So what the hell are you doing on this site love?
FiestyBird - I bet she drinks Stella, has a tattoo of a bulldog and can swing a mean right hook.
Flaps14 - Oh dear what an unfortunate name.
Joanne Ryan - Erm, is your name Joanne Ryan by any chance.
Julesrules1911 - Control freak.
Rosehailmary - God Botherer. First dinner date and we say prayers before we eat. Ok?
Onemorewine - Piss head.
Goblin Girl - Ooh errr. On a first date? You really got to see the picture.
LooLabeller - Up there with bog brush quality control inspector.

Clearly internet dating is a newish concept and doesn't have the immediate impact that a bit of aftershave, nice hair cut, perfume, a bit of rouge or lippy would have in the conventional way of meeting someone, so there are other ways too seem attractive or sound reasonably sane in order to attract. Those listed above either scare the crap out of me just by the name or raise my eyebrow way past where it is capable of reaching.

What's in a name? Everything when it comes to internet dating.

Note to some of my feminist female readers: Please don't play the "2darts is a sexist b*stard". Just reverse the gender issue aand the argument then applies equally.

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