Monday, June 11, 2007

A True British Champ in waiting.

How can I possibly ignore Lewis Hamilton's well deserved win. He won the Canadian grand prix with the skill and talent of all the great drivers of the past. Michael Schumacher, Gilles Villeneuve, Fangio, Jackie Stewart, Damon Hill, Nigel Mansell, Ayrton Senna. The list can go on. Never has there been talent at such a young age to take on the big guns of the Formula one world. I can't think what it would be like to have Schumacher still in the game. With Ferrari's performance of late it would be a little unfair. Put the two drivers together in McClaren's and the outcome would still be the same as the weekends results with the more experienced world champion floundering. Probably not quite as badly as Alonso but most definitely behind wonder boy Hamilton. Not a single error in what was the most testing of grand prix's. No less than four safety car deployments. A huge test of mental strength for the youngster and he proved he could handle the pressure. But have the media turned the up the hype machine? Possibly. Without taking credit away from Hamilton, he is after all a GP2 champion. And a dominant one at that. He has had the backing of Ron Dennis of McClaren Mercedes from a young age. The will and motivation have been there for a long time. It was inevitable that Lewis Hamilton would one day race for McClaren Mercedes. Some have criticised Ron Dennis for giving him a full time race seat. For a man who have closely followed the young star's career, I think he made a well educated choice on where and what Hamilton would be doing for 2007.

Hamilton's fantastic qualifying set a standard for himself and a warning shot to his team mate. Race day and clearly unsettled by the fact that a rookie (only as far as F1 is concerned) out qualified him, he attempted on cold tires to snatch the lead at turn one. As a seasoned driver and double world champion, that was an error that even Takuma Sato would be ashamed of. That error at that corner was the first of four throughout the race. It seems clear to anyone following form of F1 drivers that Alonso when under pressure can make mistakes. No. Not pressure but when his ego has been given a knock, he is prone to making rookie mistakes. Oh the irony..

McClaren Mercedes have been right in allowing their drivers to race. No team orders. They were criticised at the Monaco grand prix for allegdly issuing team orders. What would any team do when they have dominated the entire grand prix with both drivers commanding a one, two position? Allow them to race each other in the final third of the race exposing both drivers to the potential to wipe both cars out leaving team and drivers with no points? That would just be ridiculous. Even Ferrari saw the sense in it and made no complaint. So why did the media stir up a pointless argument? Because our boy (Hamilton) was catching Alonso at a rate of knots. On a circuit like Monaco it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to endanger the guaranteed outcome of a win for McClaren. I put it down to sheer patriotism and a whole lot of enthusiasm. The boy did good at Canada. More of that and we could be looking at a rookie world champion.

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