Saturday, June 23, 2007

The FB...ieeeee!!

What a phenonenomenomn. Hell I can't spell it without looking it up. Not only that, it's the weekend and in the tradition of a Friday night one got a little hammered last night so I cannot be bothered. Although these day's 2darts is trying to be a little kinder to himself. Less of everything. Moderation is the defining word for me.

FB; or as we know it, Face Book. The huge success that allows people to communicate with each other. Some people may ask, "waz wrong with using a telephone aye? aye?". Its voyeuristic appeal for one. Finding long lost friends and family members, people who owe you money or indeed you owe them and stalking are some of the things that people can do with Facebook. Its other appeal is to arrange big social occasions sucessfully because people are always on it.

I attended such an event, three friends celebrating their birthday. Pretty good event too.

I am currently seeking out family members. Not as easy as it seems but with the help of my trust sided kick, my aunt, I have managed to find a few. Most of whom I haven't seen since they were in nappies and terrorising 2darts.


Anonymous said...

It was a pretty decent night. My apologies for leaning on you quite so much!

2Darts said...

No worries mate. They don't call me the pillar of the community for nothing ya know! :-)