Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Alonso feeling a little Alone so?

It had to happen. I'm suprised it happed so soon though. Many a Formula 1 driver has thrown his toys out of the pram when things aren't going his way. Villeneuve, Schumacher, Schumacher Junior, Raikonnen and even Button to name a few. Eddie Irvine used to be quite masterful at it but this latest whinge from Alonso has broken my solemn vow not to mention anything about it.

Here's the scenario. Boy wonder Hamilton fairly and squarely wins the Canadian grand prix. Unlike most races where an unexpected winner is usually gifted the win by means of the front runners breaking down or having an accident. This race has a high number of retirees but none of the front runners. No one who would have made a difference to the out come if they had stayed on in the race. Indeed they may have been detrimental to Alonso's seventh place finish. He could have left with nothing.

So it came a no big suprise that the young Spanish driver decided to have a moan to his countrymen about how he has the sneaky suspicion that the British team that he drives for favours the young British driver. What? Yeah and Ferrari, the Italian team favouring who for so long? Umm does Alonso forget, when McClaren Mercedes were doing rather well in the late nineties with their partnership of Hakinen and Coulthard that the British driver didn't have an advantage of the Finnish driver?

What a sad little man Alonso is. So what if he is a proven champion. All champions fall eventually. Did he really think he was the next Schumacher? Unlike Schumacher, I don't think he has the air of invincibility like the German had. I'm no fan of Schumacher but I have to be honest enough to give him legendary status (what's that funny taste in my mouth?). Alonso made mistakes in that race. Quite a few of them. It was his own fault. Why? He know's how good Hamilton is and he is worried. Instead of worrying about whether the rookie is better than him, perhaps it would be better to just focus on trying to win another championship. If the boy is better than him then so be it. At least Alonso can be thankful of not being a one hit wonder like Villenueve.

I cannot help but compare Alonso with Schumacher. Where Schumacher didn't have a great car underneath him last season, he still badgered Alonso till the end. Same goes for the year before. Alonso put in a similar situation with a slightly under performing car would probably fall to pieces.

With that kind of attitude and to accuse his own team so early in the season for unfair treatment is pretty childish and very poor in terms of professionalism. If I were Ron Dennis, I would be watching him like a hawk and getting the PR and legal machine ready to pounce on anymore loose tongues criticism at the team from Alonso. Bold statements like that need to be backed up. Tread carefully Alonso. Or you'll go the way of Villeneuve and his embarrassing tittle tattle with Jenson Button and BAR just before he was booted out early. Oh my mistake. He walked. Childish.

One final thing for Alonso to remember. Hamilton maybe a Rookie in Formula one. But he was a dominant force in GP2. Its not about the car, its about attitude, natural ability, humility and focus.

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