Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What do we do with the time that has been given to us?

One of the more fascinating questions in life is whether there is life after death. Many civilisations, religions and individuals believe in reincarnation. Others believe that this is one chance and one body and that after death there is nothing. Do these two opposing views dictate how we live our lives? Do those beliefs allow us to behave in a manner which allows us to be either destructive or more self aware? Are human beings the only animals who question ones existence? Interesting.

This topic of conversation is huge in scope. Too big for anyone to comprehend? No. Not so. Given enough time and study, nothing is too difficult to grasp or understand. My original question remains. What do we do with the time that has been given to us? Test our mortality? I think that is inevitable. Strive to be better than we are? What in ones eyes is a virtuous thing to be ? Does one need to be so? And for who's benefit? Everyones? No-ones? What if we could review our lives after death? Exactly what if anything would we change?

Reincarnation allows us to live life as it is given to us and as we make it; taking the rough with the smooth, the happy times with the sad. And at the end of it, those experiences define the very essence of what it is we take to another life. Who or what ever that might be.

What about those people who live for the moment and who believe that come death, there is nothing and all of ones actions of the past are inconsequential at the moment of death. Do I suggest that those are the very people that are villanous or have criminal thoughts? No.

Either approach one can argue cannot be proven. But the belief that an individual is so strong that it is pointless to argue either point. Its a very intimate belief that we have and hold. Can we compare or draw parallels with the belief of religion and non believers of religion? No. I think reincarnation or otherwise is very much a more personal thing that cannot be shared with anyone else. Its a view of what one thinks happens after death.

I forgot about the people who believe that we are born from the earth and are returned to it upon death. That there is no fantastic voyage of reincarnation and that we are all simply the very essence of Earth. There is no such thing as coming back as an eagle or a rich and famous actor.

Either way, whilst people spend time thinking about the above and more, what are you going to do tomorrow eh?

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