Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bloody PC

Politically Correct is a reaction and a consequence of idiots like the late Bernard Mannning who's deluded idea of what is funny got the PC brigade in full riot gear. Nothing new about racist people making racist jokes. PC'ness has had its knee jerk reactions and its quiter moments. The nineties and especially when I was a student brought on PC extremism. Or does it still exist? I don't know. I'm no bloody student anymore. Bloody students! No good, lazy, idealists!.....just kidding. I remember even then sitting down with loads of stoned students all embracing such "out there" concepts such as multi-culturalism, spreading the love, discussing the virtues of being a labour supporter without having a flaming clue about politics and the medical benefits of marijuana. Whilst these conversations were had, I couldn't help but think what a bunch of insincere twats some of these middle class (I want to fit in please) came across as. Thankfully no friends of mine but just another opportunist moment for our beer swilling posse to smoke their quality dope. Listening to crap conversation was always going to be an ill side effect of seeking out quality ganja. Ah those were the days.

So why am I going on about this again? . I could've been wrongly accused of a gender inequality. If I could've covered my mouth in horror I would have looked guilty for a comment that only I interpretted as being un-PC . But that wasn't what was mean't at all. Why did I think that people may have misinterpretted my innocent suggestion? They were clearly non the wiser. Probably my guilt for frowning upon those middle class twats who were desperately trying to say the right thing. At that moment. I felt bad. For a couple of seconds.

The nexts incident was yesterday actually where I ranted about a friend who was vertically challenged, impressing upon the point that he was small in stature.....yep whilst an almost equally short friend was there to listen to said rant. Again. I felt embarrassed. I wasn't being heightist. Just ranting about my friend's poorly executed threat of violence after far too many drinks.

Am I turning into that hated middle class twat with all the associated pangs of being socially and culturally inept? Nah. Born and bred in Saaaarf Luuuundun mate. Innit man. Daz where multi- cultu-is-ism waz born bruv. Erm, innit!

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