Thursday, June 14, 2007

Is it National Chav Day?

Just as I'm settling down for a peaceful nights sleep am I to be woken up by a congregation of Chavs a little way down my road accompanied by the sweet melodies of car alarms going off. My hats off to the Chavs of South London. Tossers!


Anonymous said...

it's always national chav day

at least round my manor

woken this am - needed a lie-in - no chance

muppets have a one of those car horm beeping car alarms

I think all car alrms should be like the one bought by Max the bouncer in Peter Kay's Pheonix Nights

with the owners voice recorded shouting, 'get away yer b*std, I'll break yer legs'

prob wouldn't be much better at 4am but would at least be different ..

2Darts said...


I feel sorry for you mate.

Good idea about the car alarm. Could mix it up with some Richard Pryor stuff too.'ve actually reminded me of some more Chav stuff. Cheers dude.