Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ricky Hatton

Well done Ricky Hatton (British Boxer for those who don't know) for knocking seven bells out of Jose Luis Castillo. I currently don't have those great, but over priced sports channels at home at the moment so I missed the occasion. Never the less, another loose tongued, hot aired boxer hits the canvas at Hattons feet. Floyd Mayweather has surely got to be the setup of the year should it happen. Most likely it will. You may have noticed other another great fighter in the picture, no, you thought I was going to say out lad Rooney, no. Barrera. Incidentally, what is Shrek doing there anyway? And why has he got his fist up like that? Does he want some? eh! eh! eh! Probably one of his more embarrassing photos I think.


Anonymous said...

Why is Rooney there? - Hatton's from Manchester where Rooney plies his trade - and Rooney comes from a boxing family

quote from Kevin Mitchell Guardian article 2005

>>"It wouldn't be wise to say it to his face. Or to his family. There is no shortage of raw muscle in the Rooney household. They are a boxing family and his father, also Wayne, was fairly good at it. His brother, Graham, might have been an amateur international had he stayed with it.

Their uncle, Richie Rooney, who runs the Croxteth Amateur Boxing Club, says Wayne sparred but never competed. 'He was very good,' Richie says. 'He's a strong lad, Wayne. But Everton told his mother and father that they didn't want him to box, just to concentrate on his football.'"<<

I recall when he was just 18 and about to face France in a major international and all the French defenders were saying they'd eat him up and spit him out as he was just a kid

the very first challenge he shoulder-barged one of them so hard he flew off and landed on his face 6 feet away - think he'd be a Hatton style of boxer somehow

2Darts said...

...fair point...but you're missing the point. I'd also be justified then in saying that Sly Stallone could also be there, because he did some research in to his role as an all time American boxing hero in Rocky but really, his profession is actually in acting.

Round two?