Saturday, October 07, 2006

Your 'avin aiee larf!!

Joke (It helps if you can impersonate Sean Connery):

Sean Connery's career had taken a recent downward turn and jobs were scarce. His agent desperate to find him any part for him was approached by a TV advertising company to star in a commercial. After a brief discussion the agent puts down the phone rather happy that his comission would roll with job offered to the fading actor. So with that he calls Sean early that morning.

Agent: "Sean, I have good news for you."

Sean: "Well that's fantastic my good man. Tell me, what is it?"

Agent: "Well its for a commercial advert"

Sean: "What sort of advert?"

Agent: "It's for a Martini drink. There is one catch however..."

Sean: "Yes?"

Agent: "You'll have to be there for 10'ish."

Sean: "Why my good man. I don't even have a racket."

Ta daaa!!!!!

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