Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Little Harsh

Just reading over today's entries this afternoon, I realise that some of my moodiness has rubbed off on to my blog. Sorry. Hangovers! Who needs 'em. Its a good thing UKTV Gold is doing a run of "Carry on" films. There's nothing like a good bit of innuendo to brighten up the day. Just like Laurel and Hardy and Norman Wisdom films, Carry on up the Khyber is one of my all time favorites. Do they do comedy as good as that now? Not really. British sitcom? Died a death some time ago. What a shame that now all we have is the likes of My Family, and the one with the twat who thinks he's a superhero. So insignificant that I can't even remember it. I think political correctness killed many of the quality comedy writers and their shows. Admittedly anything that encourages racism is still a no no. But when you had the likes of the Carry On films and even Benny Hill, what a laugh. It doesn't encourage me to slap a womans arse and these are the comedies that I used to grow up with. I doubt very much that kids today are any more suseptible to that sort of thing than in my youth.

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