Sunday, October 22, 2006

Farewell to F1GP 2006 and Michael Schumacher

I sit here waitng for the final grand prix of this year with great anticipation and celebration for a few reasons. This season has been one of the best for a long time again for a few reasons. Drama, extravegance. Alonso's supposed run away season whittled down to the very end by Shumacher who at times played some under handed tactics and penalised for it; which wasn't the case a few years ago. A close battle with Alonso and Schumacher taking a bite out of each other all season. All grand prix fans celebrate one of the most consistly great drivers retiring is sad and timely. Fantasy F1 would suggest that a marriage of Raikonnen and Shumacher making a great final pairing if only he stayed a year longer but the great man knows when its time to hang up his helmet. Whether or not this Brazilian grand prix is going to be entertaining, it is going to be a race to remember. I put my thanks to Michael for years of entertainment. I am no Schumacher fan but if it wasn't for his talent, F1 in recent years would not be a sport to enjoy. The race is just about to start so I will sign off for the moment.

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