Monday, October 23, 2006


I have loads of wonderful girl friends. And many of them (you know who you are) have been great in recent months. I have met a cool chick of a friend recently who (watch this space) may develop into a 2Darts babe. I think that there are two kinds of single blokes in this world. There are blokes who become single who do blokey single things and huddle with similarly single blokes and there are others like my self that too do single blokey things but instead have loads of female friends (mostly married or engaged). My last relationship suffered the problem of me having the sisterhood that I adopted or adopted me that I suppose became a little too much. My friend Pickle said something wonderful a few weeks back that was really nice. She said that she and Foxy were the 2Darts's girls. She meant it in the most nicest of ways, in the most caring of ways. Pickle has known me for a long time and many a person has always said how perceptive she is. Whether a woman is a friend or a lover, there is something most wonderful when a kind hearted compliment is given that makes a bloke feel special. Thanks.

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