Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Why am I talking about what I did last weekend so late in the week. I was cold calling. Bollocks. Now everyone knows its me! Nope I was hosting a swinging party. Er actually nope. Not that either. Infact doing nothing whatsoever as Saturday night was fight night. I bumped into Beefy on Friday night and had a drunken conversation about the Calzaghe/Bika fight amongst others. Not knowing Bika's form or indeed never heard of the man I vaguely recall nodding in the right places about form, historical defeats, chances of winning etc.

Fight night Saturday night and I missed the first seven rounds much to my disappointment. I did however see the other five. Other boxing matches (Ahmed/Harrison) have amounted to nothing more than just a bunch of overhyped british boxers given really shit opponents. Or opponents paid to fall or just box really shit so they get paid a back hander to pay for their crack habit. Round eight and the commentator were singing Joe Calzaghes like he was a champion. Oops he is but his appalling performance quite plain to see didn't reflect the flattering commentary. His opponent Sakio Bika was immensely strong. Joe looked knackered. I could see a fix coming. How wrong I was, no sooner had I resigned myself to yet another show of a fixerer upper than did the man show his expert form. It was a struggle. But Joe won.

Now Calzaghe is to face another hard nut Mikkal Kessler from Denmark. Unbeaten and younger. For the bookies one person who could end Calzaghe's winning run. February is the date. This might just be his last.

Just a point to make about last weekend's fight. The best form of boxing I have seen in a long time. A real brawl. Total aggression. Shades of bruisers of the past. Holyfield, Tyson etc. Its what the sport needs. I'll add that during the match, the rules of boxing were mostly respected. Mostly.

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