Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Can I offer you a free.....Mr 2Darts ?

A quick one first. Is there any truth in the tale that once a potato starts to go green then it becomes poisonous?

Today was an exercise in hard working and uncharacteristically a march straight to the train station with no temptation to meet my fellow boozing chums. Why? No particular reason. I got an email from an old boozing chum who recently got married. She sent the link to pictures of her big day and she looked amazing. Pause. Another one to add to my all time famous babe list. Winona Ryder. I'm watching Mr Deeds. Play....and she probably looked even better in real life. She reminded me of how life moves on and people get married and have kids etc. Its people like that that remind me that life doesn't have to stand still and its really about what you make of it. Being in the land that is single isn't all that bad. Its an adventure especially for someone like me who is a serial monogamous relationship person. The trouble is I've done it for too long and never gave myself a chance to explore me. I'm at home feeling content. For the moment.

So armed with the feel good factor, I settled down after feeding Poo Girl and Sick Boy. Just moments into settling down. Pause. I've just spent two minutes talking to my cat who keeps meowing and making general cat type noises. Strange. Play. The phone rings. In the land of relationship I'd anticipate some tosser of a cold caller calling at this time of the evening. In the land of singledom there is a sense of hope and anticipation that it might be a friend or family member and filled with confidence I answer. The pregnant pause is a dead give away to the fact that somewhere in India is a poor bastard who wants to sell me something so that he can feed the family (at this point I suspect that the politically correct brigade are up in arms and are hunting me down). But I'm in the land of singledom and also not in a particularly bastard mode. So entertaining this chap who actually had a good mobile phone deal going I decided to play ball. That is until he started telling me where I live, how long I've live here and who I am. At this point I stopped him and said that there was no need to tell me who I am. Armed with no sense of humour he continued about the offer; three times. Fast forward. I tried as I may to explain that I wouldn't give my financial details over the phone despite the fact that the deal was pretty good. Another five minutes afterwards I told the man that no way and the deal is off. And the great thing about the ending was unlike some UK call centres, the man was very pleasant in politely ending the conversation. No pressure selling and no stroppiness. There are plenty of arguments about call centres relocating to places in India but given the sheer politeness of every person doing such a tough job (I used to work for Kirby Vacuum cleaners) when they've not made the sale is just what we need. When was the last time you experienced politeness and courtesy? In London it is a very rare thing.

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