Sunday, October 22, 2006

Average Weekend.

It was the usual Friday after work couple of drinks with some mates. Which was going well. I got a call from my mum for a couple of drinks at their local drinking establishment. Arrived and managed to get plastered (not intentionally) after three there. So the rest of the weekend so far has been an exercise in restraint and feelings of guilt. Some people when they feel either down on their luck or pretty guilty for the over indulgence booze the night before go to church. Could this be why people go to church on a Sunday? To repent for their sins of the Saturday night. It makes sense to me. As I am not religious I seek alternatives to wash away my pangs of guilt of drinking too much by other means. There is a small make shift charity shop just a couple of minutes away from where I live. This cures any ill feeling of the night before as I will buy a couple of books from them knowing that the money goes to charity. A much more favorable alternative than to pay the wage of a holy priest (vicar/monk place your favorite god's representative here..............) so that they too can enjoy some holy booze.

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