Monday, October 02, 2006

Something to worry your wives and girlfriends

A quick glance at my portal to world that is the BBC news website and I noticed an article about men who pay for sex in the health section. Interestingly it was the mention that fifty percent of men who pay for sex actually have a partner. The poor woman. Two things are probably happening here for men to do this. Not enough sex at home. No sex at home. Okay three things, not enough variety sex at home. My response to this are three things. Dump her, use porn or talk to her about why there's no horizontal gymnastics in the bedroom anymore. Jeeze!

There's a line in the article that says:

"What some do instead is seek respite through alchohol, drugs or sex".

Umm I would have though that it would be a combination of either of the first two with the third or all three that ends up in shagging a lady of the night.

The other thought that crossed my mind was is this really new news? I mean surely this has remained in the relm of the unsaid word amongst fellow men. I personally have never done such a thing. I'd rather spend money on something else. Like a vibrator for my girlfriend for example. Or even a slap up meal and a bunch of flowers. Still does the trick and you get your clothes washed for you in the morning. (I'm just joking).

Here's the article.

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