Sunday, October 29, 2006

Brighton Part I

My social circle expanded by about seven at least. I will briefly describe the scenario. Beer, fags, shooting and quad biking, strip club and Brighton. One new found friend in particular said something that clearly escaped my attention about the hippies of Brighton. He described them as middle class hippies. A good observation. What do modern day hippies do? Where did they come from? What happens after the thrill of it passes over? Being a hippy is in a traditional sense, is about being at odds with the commercial way of life. Breaking away from middle-class'ism. But middle class suggests a standard or way of life which tries to a little bit working class and to appease the upper class. So basically an arse licker with no character whatsoever. This observation is not an opinion that I've just pulled out of the hat. No. This is by example of a few people I know. Those people who try far too hard to be both posh and earthy at the same time.....very, very badly. I know of a person who I used to work with that is a shining example of middle-class'ism. Guaranteed to be so predictable to have a suitable accent depending on the company kept. If its a working class group then a cockney accent it is. Further up the chain the posher the accent becomes..........I shall continue tomorrow as frankly the weekend has caught up with me. 2Darts signing off...

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