Sunday, October 01, 2006

Life Stands Still

"Its a funny old game". The phrase usually applies to football rather than Formula One grand prix. Today's Chinese grand prix is a race that I would apply that phrase to. A spectacular combination of unpredictable weather, tires, talent and crapidity (I think I've invented a new word). All appointments and obligations stand still for the final three grand prixs and after todays race validly so.

I'm no Shumacher fan but then I'm not an Alonso fan either. And true to the brit spirit, I always had some hope of Jense Button slipping past the warring front runners to claim his second win. Unfortunately it was not to be and at one point, there was no chance of a points finish due to crap tyres on his Honda. Amazingly from fourth to tenth to fourth position on the last lap over taking De La Rosa and team mate Barichello was genius. How he read the other drivers and the track condition to salvage some good points was frankly amazing especially when there were five cars in the mix on the second to last turn of the final lap. Superb! So now its down to the wire for Shumacher and Alonso with only Japan and Brazil to go. Japan being a traditional Schumacher favorite and Brazil being a fast and dry circuit usually favoring Renault (looking at the form for this season). Should I put money on it (bearing in mind that in a previous blog post, I'm not a betting man) ? I'll be brave and say Schumacher...just.

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