Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oh Dear

It was great to spar with my chum Barry's Beef yesterday in preparation for a darts match, not mine , his. Its a little difficult to gauge how good one is when playing constantly with the same person over and over again. Don't get me wrong, my darts partner and I put in some serious practice time for the eventual final next Thursday evening. There seems to be more satisfaction when beating someone you rarely play with. The end score was 2-2. A pleasant result for two left handers with completely unique throwing styles.

The night wears on and Pickle made an appearance. I like Pickle a lot and think the world of her but last night I don't know what got into my head but I was feeling a little frustrated with some of the things that were being said. Pickle is famously nosey and has a knack for remembering the most startling amounts of detail of conversations years ago. If she wasn't so beautiful I'd call her an elephant. Ah and I'll come back to my last comment. Amazingly these talents amount to what could be a prosperous career in journalism. Even more interesting as it dawned on me last night that relative to erm relative, while I have divulged in some intimate conversations about myself, Pickle has the knack of saying absolutely nothing about herself. There a couple of times where I've injected a conversation starter and it only amounts to a three word response sometimes. A true sign of a journo or possibly a dodgy italian politician. Speaking of italians, her mate desccribed her as having an italian look about her. I personally can't see it. So she asked what I thought her theme was. So I said irish. She asked why to which I said she had irish eyes. I can just see her now at home in front of a mirror checking out her eyes. Yes you are.

Oh yes, the most infuriating thing of all is describing her as beautiful. She is stunnning. This not just my opinion, this has been commented to me by every single male friend of mine bar none. Even complete strangers enquire about her to the point where I could wear a placard for everytime I get asked the same questions to which there are the same answers. "No" and "Mate" and "Married". It is a little wearing as it is a little dishearting saying that. I digress. So with my complement to Pickle I find it even more stunning to find that she describes her self as ugly. Not even taking the piss either. I said "you've got to be joking". And as sincere as day, she actually thinks that. How on earth.....don't get me started otherwise I'll just do a repeat of last night minus the booze. Right time to crack on with getting ready for work and doing my same routine of wondering how I chat up that bird at the train station. Is it actually possible to chat someone up first thing in the morning..?

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