Saturday, October 07, 2006

South London Invasion

Proud to be South London. Sorry but I just had to make the statement. In the finest tradition of celebrations and indeed having started this new regime of a healthier diet and cycling, I used the opportunity of my friend Foxy's birthday to let it all hangout. Yes boozing and smoking. Terrible now that I wake up this morning with some regret. So as was the traditional way after a night of boozing and womanising. Ok forget the last part. Lets face it. I'm no John Wayne. Hang on a minute, his real name was Marion. Pansy. Anyway, I made my way as ever to my local kebab shop for a spot of heart attack in a pitta bread and for the first time ever I was refused. What was this? Divine intervention? They'd run out of kebab meat.....and they would let me use their toilet. So with a heavy heart I turned to the only place left. Next door. Many of you will have heard of KFC formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken. In my day it was called exactly that, not this modern age of abbreviations. Its abbreviations for everything. For example, "Would you like a cup of T?". Erm. Hang on. Ok. I'll think of another one. South London has its own mini empire of fast greasy fried chicken and chip shops callled Morleys. I will simply not accept anyone from North London saying its a their invention. I seem to remember seeing this chain of shops first starting out somewhere in Brixton. From there, this chain of shops has spread. I was a hardcore faithful of the KFC until I must admit that for the first time ever, late last night I experienced what a Morleys tasted like. And just like a kebab after a cocktail of beverages, it tasted sublime. Highly recommended when hammered.

Oh and just to set my opinion in concrete, I found a good blog article at this site.

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