Saturday, October 28, 2006


After the last post I'm inclined to stop all female contact. For now. Perhaps's its because i'm in this current, beautiful women everywhere, maelstrom. Would I have found certain people attractive then when I was in a relationship? Yes. Can I justify what I think of them now? Not at all. Because all kind of reason has left me in this hellish place I call Singledom. Is there a Bridget Jones equivilent for a man? Perhaps I'm taking the first tentative steps towards being one. How depressing. And just to feel completely sorry for myself, I announce that nothing will happen this evening. I won't meet anyone. Or even cop a snog. Oh woe Singledom. Oh you silly man you might say. This isn't what its all about. But try telling that to someone who hasn't had a shag in a while! Only kidding. I guess I'm just not cut out being single. A serial relationship'ist perhaps. I don't know.

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