Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bread and other food gripes...

Am I getting grumpier the older I get? I'm sure I've said this before. Hovis are advertising a bread without crusts for kids (or childish adults). What the hell for? Any parent that panders to their child's every wish, including cutting off crusts for kids is setting themselves up for the teenager from hell who expects everything. For everytime I got what I wanted when I was a kid, I'd be the biggest snob in the world. What's more, I bet you'd have to pay a premium for the bread manufacturer to cut the crusts off for you. This leads me on to ready grated cheese. Why? Packaged uncooked baked potato. Why? Ready made salads? Microwave kebabs? Microwave burgers? What's wrong with these people and the people who buy them?

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