Saturday, October 07, 2006

Chefs and Cooks

I love cooking. Or I used to anyway. When there was a time I had a laydee I used to enjoy creating wonderfful dishes for her to savour. Alas those days are gone. So I am confined currently to watching the UKTV Food channel for inspiration. Now I rate Gordon Ramsay and that twirp Jamie Oliver quite highly as well any indian chef :-) and my Mum. They are producers of some of the finest culinary delights to hit my taste buds. There is one chef however who consistently makes me want to not eat food. That man is Gary Rhodes. Stupid haircut, irritating voice and very much an insincere TV personality. Oh and shit food. The reason why I am saying this is how can anyone who starts making something that looks like its going to taste fantastic end up at ballsing it up with an addition to the meal that is more at home in a completely different meal. "But you've never tried it!" I hear you cry! I couldn't give a toss.

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