Thursday, October 05, 2006

At last, the truth.....

At last, the truth once and for all about kebabs of the meaty kind and not the chicken kind. A few years back I was told by a newly converted vegetarian that the "cow thigh" spinning around on a spit was made from the scraps of an animal carcass including such fine cuts like testicles, nose and lips etc. Did that put me off? Nope. Mad cows disease? Nope. I didn't really know what to think to be honest. I didn't think that kebabs traditionally were made of that kind of stuff. Bring on a programme called the 'F-Word' with Gordon Ramsey. Apart from the main feature of the show and in particular one episode there was a report on how the meat from kebabs are made. Burton on Trent has a sizeable factory that produces both lamb and beef kebabs. For coniseurs of kebabs, it is quite easy to tell the difference. For those not in the know, if the menu says 'Doner Kebab' then it is lamb, if it just says 'Kebab' then we're looking at beef. The crew filmed the source meat used before it turns into 'the thigh'. And despite the bullshit stories people have heard as described above, they are indeed made from proper lumps of flesh from a cow or lamb. Hoorah!! Tuck in boys and girls, the only thing you need to fear is a heart attack.

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